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Never feel ashamed of being single.

In a world where romance is injected in pretty much everything from novels and movies to pop songs and video games, the thought of staying single can terrify us. Why would someone stay single after all? Isn’t life meant to be lived happily ever after?

While I agree that love is indeed a beautiful feeling, a feeling powerful enough to change someone’s life completely, I do disagree with our rush to find it.

Great and meaningful relationships, those that build you up and make you happier, take time to develop and flourish. Shallow relationships, those that drain your energy and wallet, are the fastest to start and end.

And because of that, a lot of us choose to stay single.

But contrary to what society wants us to believe, staying single has nothing to say about you. And It never means that you lack options to choose from. Don’t feel pressured to prove that wrong by settling for anyone who comes in your way.

Being single is a choice you can make. And if you already made it, I congratulate you 😀

Why? Because being single is so liberating!

You don’t have to worry about the drama that comes with having someone who tracks your every move better than your phone’s GPS.

You don’t have to spend hours worrying why your partner doesn’t love you anymore when the poor guy/girl is just having a bad day.

You don’t have to cancel an activity that you enjoy just because your partner finds it boring.

There’s no limit to what you can do. If you want to travel the world, no one can stop you or oblige you to stay. The world is yours to take and see.

When you’re single, all you have is yourself. You date yourself. You take care of it. You learn to not depend on anyone but yourself.

When you choose to be single, your mind turns all its focus toward other aspects of your life that need your attention the most: your health, your family, your friends, your career, and your passions.

When you focus on improving yourself, you become more interesting, confident, independent, and ironically more attractive to the opposite sex.

I’m not saying that being in a relationship won’t make you a better person. Some people are lucky to find someone who can support them and encourage them to become better and I personally know some of these couples. But more often than not, these relationships are hard to find when you’re just 20.

All I’m saying is that for now, you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy. Because the only person who can make you happy is and has always been you.

Live your single life and make the most out of the freedom it offers you. And when you reach the top, a cute girl/guy will jump right into your life and sweep you off your feet.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day. And while couples are saving money for a present, worrying about what they need to wear, what restaurant they will eat at, or questioning whether they truly love each other in the first place or not, I take the pleasure to end this post by wishing a Happy Valentine’s day to all the single souls out there ❤

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