I drew a web comic

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This is my first webcomic.

I finished it in one day and learned a lot while working on it. I never thought that I could draw a webcomic before especially that I don’t draw well (heck the stick characters) but I did it anyway!

I don’t own a scanner nor a graphics tablet. I drew the characters on paper and scanned it using my phone’s camera (Thank you CamScanner, you’re a money lifesaver). I then used Photoshop to add some color and text.

It’s amazing how, if you want to do something so badly, you’ll find a way to do it. Never underestimate the power of a determined soul 😀

So this was my first challenge for this summer. I took it off my bucket list (btw, I’m using an awesome app called Buckist to store my bucket list items).

Now I am ready to tackle other challenges.

I will update the blog soon.

Thank you!

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